Who are we


MAAC main facts

MAAC was established on 13july 1994G as a contractor with skilled team and heavy rental equipments.In the continuation of the same establishment it was taken over by, with the same management and additional Manpower as a private investor named as Malik Arif Ali Awan Contracting Establishment (MAAC) dated 28-06-1427H, commercial registration (CR) no.4700221609, chamber of commerce Membership no. 7366.

Electrical Construction & Engineering, Instrumentation, Project Handling, Heavy Rental Equipments Services, & Automation System in the core business of MAAC offering. We always provide services of high quality and reliability with best fitted solutions, so specific technical demands for solution are not challenging for MAAC.




Our Aim:

As a growing service provider of heavy equipment in construction business, our priority is to ensure we remain an integrated establishment working on the constant development in construction business throughout the region. Our aim is to provide best services through heavy rental equipments and best fitted solutions that innovates progressively and thereby contributes to the satisfactions and trust of our clients.

Our Philosophy:

At all times, it is MAAC’s intention to conduct its operations in a fair, ethical and professional manner, which reflects excellence in every aspect of our business. Being committed to the highest standards of integrity and performance, our target is to maintain market superiority through our highly quality controlled services and continuous improvement, heavy investments and strategic alliances with key suppliers.

Our Vision:

We are maintaining and continuously improving ability to satisfy demands of our clients by providing high quality services in heavy rental equipments and technical solutions. Our team of professionals is dedicated to the standard of excellence for quality and performance, and always looking for solutions that simplifies the business of our clients.

For success and maintenance of ultimate standards in our services and solutions in a highly competitive environment, it was always important that we value everything that has helped us to achieve our present success. The value system in MAAC significantly affects how we establish our priorities and relations, whether with our client, contractors, suppliers, or current and future employees. Thanks to thorough compliance with our standards; we have managed not only to strengthen our establishment’s position significantly, but also to comply with many of our clients’ requests.