Maximum care


Thanks to our long experience and motivation to succeed in a competitive environment, we offer the maximum degree of professionalism, we are a preferred contractor, supplier, service provider in heavy rental equipment, and a reliable business partner. It is therefore our priority to continue in maintaining long term relations with our client built on mutual honesty and a serious individual approach.



Customer Care:


  For us, a friendly and flexible approach is    the key to satisfying our    customers. To build the necessary trust and to assure our client about the quality of our services, we remain in constant contact with them, regularly train our   staff when developing new solutions, we always consider such options that provide not only fundamental but maximum benefits to our clients.


Benefits of Our Services:



Many establishments and companies in the concern business lack their own heavy equipment and technical expert and instead take advantage of the services of small owner of equipments and the part time expertise. This results in more potential points of failure and a solution management structure that must span gigantic range of equipment and diversified team of capable, proficient, competent, intelligent, and talented experts. In contrast, MAAC provides our customers with solution from within our establishment, we are therefore very proud of the fact that we are almost incomparable in our ability to provide not only the most robust solutions but also the most robust pricing as well. Highly qualified experts are always available to our clients, and are happy to help with all services we provide and will immediately assist by proposing a solution to any technical problems.