Contracting Projects


Muhammad Khurshid began his career in the construction industry in 1981, Muhammad Khurshid is a member of board of directors for MAAC’s private & public construction business

Dear Believers,

“At MAAC, our commitment to our clients goes beyond putting them first. We enrich our client’s investments by our remarkable consultancy and services. Becoming our client you will be able to:

  •  Solve extremely complex problems with our most fitted solutions within budget
  •  Solve complex technical problems through our technical support
  •  Increase your revenue and achieve fast time to market
  •  Outpace your competitors
  •  Concentrate on your major business directions leaving technical problems for our professional & highly motivated team
  •  Elevate your client’s satisfaction via competitive prices
  •  Enjoy our consultancy & services

Satisfaction and long term good relations with the clients built on mutual trust together form our highest priority. We keep in touch with our clients to inform them for new developments in our portfolio and we also offer our clients tailor made solutions that meet all their requirements in terms of technical aspects and contract duration. When developing new services our actions are always governed by our clients’ needs.”

Muhammad Khursheed
Head of Project management (Engineer)