CEO’s message

CEO (Malik Arif Ali)

CEO (Malik Arif Ali)

Our Arrogance: is to provide best quality equipment to our esteemed clients

Dear Business Friends:

With incredible speed of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, heavy rental equipment services have become an indispensable part of construction business. In present scenario, the prime objective of MAAC is to provide high quality heavy rental equipment solutions in term of service, safety and reliability.

Over the 12 years life span of our establishment we have continued to invest in our infrastructure, adding modern heavy equipments. Our efforts have been appreciated by the ever increasing number of clients who have chosen MAAC as their preferred service provider in heavy equipment rental. It is a conscious and well thought through strategy of MAAC to offer “one stop solution”. And make integrated services available to business clients across entire landscape of gulf, especially in Saudi Arabia and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. MAAC has built a stable position in the construction market by creating a truly regional establishment, one with a consolidated operational structure, latest heavy equipment and a focused integrated team. We at MAAC are pleased with how we have steadily enhanced the level of services and state-of-the-art equipment.

In reviewing the establishment performance so far, we believe that we have the capacity to take advantage of market opportunities and to strive to maintain our leading position among construction business. Moreover we believe that the increasing list of our clients authenticates the credibility of our exceptional services. We are confident that our clients can focus on their core activities without having to worry about their needs for heavy equipment.

Thank you for your trust so far, and we can assure that we will continue to deliver services which will contribute to the success of your business.